Joss Ryan


Design Research for the project: Harrison’s Point – Brachytherapy and Holistic Well-being Resort.

The objective of the project is to create a new paradigm in the treatment experience, through providing state-of-the-art breast and prostate cancer therapy, alongside complementary holistic therapies aimed at enhancing the recovery and well-being of the patient both mentally and physically.  This work demonstrates richness in the design research – exploring cancer types, causes and treatments; consequences; healthcare and health tourism, including the current health tourism model; the state of healthcare environments; and scenarios for recovery through holistic therapies, therapeutic environments, and communal healing.  Joss identifies the harsh synthetic environments that exacerbate stress levels within patients, affecting their mental and physical well-being.  He notes that a vicious circle has emerged where patients are being treated by inefficient methods, in facilities that do not promote quick and effective recovery.  His proposed model is to promote holiday style treatment where patients can enjoy access to complementary therapeutic environments.