Glover Medal

This was a forerunner of the current Glover Prize. Together with the sum of £50 per winner, it was presented to an outstanding student each year between 1905 and 1950. It was also presented to craftsmen whose work was considered to be exceptional.

Glover Students
1905. G. S. Twizell.
1906. B. Watson.
1907. H. L. Hicks.
1908. H. M. Spence.
1910. J. Hill.
1911. W. W. Nimmo.
1912. A. E. Lowes.
1913. G. E. Charlewood.
1914. H. St. J. Harrison.
1925. J. R. A. MacDonald.


1929. A. J. Steel.
1930. J. C. Clavering.
1931. F. A. C. Maunder.
1932. Mary N. Grieve.
1933. B. H. Dowland.
1934. J. Routh.
1935. V. R. Abbott.
1938. . W. Hood.
1940. Miss M. Fidell.
1947. E. Stobbs.
1948. No award.
1949. A. R. Irving.
1950. D. Rock.

Victory Scholarship
1948. Ian G. Brown.

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