Harrison Lowthrop

Northumbria 2021

The Woodland School

The context of this project is the Isle of Ulva, off Mull. The research starts with the concept of disappearing communities and how to create sustainability. It explores the value of saving these kinds of settlements in terms of heritage, culture, and traditional skills and crafts; as well as contemporary innovations. The woodland school will be pivotal to the island community. The analysis states that by investing in local people, offering them a base where they can grow and develop, a sustainable community can be created. It continues by asserting that the school will attract new residents, helping them to become involved in remote off-grid living, encouraging the establishment of new businesses, and generating a central knowledge and skill sharing network. In the process of design development, a major theme is the synthesis of traditional craft with innovative structure and construction. There is also explicit reflection on the process and evolving product. The outcome is derived from design research in its broadest sense, integrating – contextual, cultural, social, economic, and technological features.



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