Emma Hodgkiss


Enduring Networks: The Act of Feeling, Being and Knowing

The aim by 2070 is to reclaim the route from London to Edinburgh from vehicle domination to the passive rewilding of a green transit corridor, serving to reconnect people and communities to nature through the act of walking and cycling. This transition will provide a new lifeblood, not only for the environmental benefit of clean air but also the physical exposure to a biodiverse natural landscape that restores sociological and anthropological values. It acts as a representation of feeling, being and knowing – lost in the age of the super modern, which is dominated by cars. To serve the needs of travellers, amenity stations are proposed as interventions under the three typologies: Monitor – the process of rewilding, Kit – buy and fix equipment, and Fuel – eat and drink. Referencing the work of Bernard Tschumi and Assemble, the adaptive re-use of infrastructure and new interventions will serve to reclaim the identity of historic places from commuter towns to staging posts on a kind of green pilgrimage.

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