Oliver Currie


‘Cultural’ Hub

The project consists of providing a new ‘cultural’ hub for the town of Hexham, located in the Tynedale region of the North East of England.

The main drive within the scheme is that it will provide a facility for the town’s large population of artisans and increase its cultural interaction through art, architecture, film, music, photography and film.

Hexham has a strong association with crafts and artisans.  Although there are many artisans and crafts people, there is a chronic lack of suitable space for the production and display of these unique practices.

Proposals for a transport hub within the railway station will leave the prominent town centre site abandoned with the majority of existing buildings falling into disrepair.  Buildings inhabited currently house small businesses such as a print works and photographer; others are largely derelict.

With the site having a strong sense of location and suitability for providing a ‘beacon’ for the town, the proposal realistically seeks to inject an enlightening series of interconnected spaces.  These spaces offer opportunities and educational facilities to artisans and visitors to the town alike.