NAA’s most generous benefactor

William Glover 1829-1912

He was born in Windsor, was educated, studied and worked for many years in London prior to moving to Newcastle upon Tyne in 1881. He set up his own practice in the town and joined the Northern Architectural Association in the same year. He served as President of the Association from 1899 to 1901. Presidential address.

William was the son of Queen Victoria’s Tapissier in Ordinary. His father will have dealt with the tapestries in the Royal Households and perhaps other interior furnishings. He was a pupil to a London Architect and one of the students of the first school of design held at Somerset House in 1850.

Little is known about his life between 1850 and 1881 but he must have arrived in Newcastle with great experience in developing residential suburban estates and possibly exhibition design.

The following residential areas were developed to his designs:

  • Railway Junction Estates, Heaton
  • New Hirst Village, Ashington
  • Brandling Park, Jesmond
  • Beech Grove Estate, Elswick
  • Atkinson Estate, Wallsend

He worked on designs for buildings at:

  • Blenkinsopp Castle and Estate
  • Bothal Castle
  • Eslington Estate
  • Pink Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne

He was commissioned to design major exhibitions held in Newcastle upon Tyne.

  • 1882: The Industrial Exhibition
  • 1887: The Royal Jubilee Exhibition

In his inaugural address as President of the Northern Architectural Association, he clearly states his desire to improve the profession of architecture and he really emphasised the importance of education. He proposed and supported the establishment of:

  • A Library for the Association.
  • Student Prizes
  • Architectural Exams held in Newcastle so students did not have to travel to London.

Whilst he was in the North East he lived in Low Fell and provided stained glass windows for St Helen’s Church. He retired back to Windsor and was the first Vice President of the Architects Benevolent Fund until his death in 1912.

His legacy continues today in Architectural Education:

  • The Association’s Library is housed at the Robinson Library of Newcastle University
  • Glover Prizes are awarded each year to students of Newcastle and Northumbria Universities.


For a more detailed biography please download the  W Glover 1829 – 1912 PDF