Sara Hurley

Northumbria 2023

Reviving Chapeltown

The objective of this project is to develop an architecture to heal and unite a deprived community. This involves sense of place and identity. There are four themes – play, learn, politics, celebrate; and the study involves bottom-up processes that follow the concepts of inform, consult, involve, collaborate, empower. The mural was created by the community and highlights vibrancy, identity and pride. Despite the scars, especially in economic and political terms, there are great opportunities. Notable assets include heritage, culture exemplified by ethnicity and religion, diversity, and community. The design research explores community engagement through various local charities. The theoretical base is established in the analysis of city spaces with reference to Camillo Sitte, and the journey into a place provided by Mies van de Rohe. Placemaking is fundamental to this research, but there are other issues such as the self-build process, pod massing studies, and implementing skills both in green spaces and on the high street. The holistic nature of this work offers a distinctive social purpose, and an architecture that provides transparency, urban rooms and privacy.

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