Oliver Sturdy


Design Research for the Project: Retreating Landscapes – The Architecture of Provenance

The Northumbrian coastline around Bamburgh is a moving landscape. Predicted sea level increase of up to 5 metres over the next 200 years, will submerge the Farne Island archipelago. This research informed the design of buildings that act as an infrastructure to place the visitors within the landscape at specific points. In time, the building will leave behind traces, orientated to points of significance, which might be interpreted by future explorers.  The preparatory work discusses the Memories of Pilgrimage; The Legend and Folklore of Forgotten Places; Landscape and Language; Capturing the Moving Landscape in Romanticist Composition; and the Nature of Permanence.  The images of imagination, art and place are captivating.  This is a rich investigation that leads to concepts such as Finding the Protective Edge, Commemoration and Remembrance, and Habitable Space.  It also celebrates local heroes and heroines, art and manufacture.